There are more teenagers and adults who are looking for a quicker way to have straight teeth, without needing to wear braces for 2-3 years.  Fortunately, our dental practice offers a way for our patients to get their perfectly straight smile in just half of the time as traditional braces.

Fastbraces are an innovative new treatment that uses patented wires and brackets that can straighten teeth in just three months to a year.  This treatment is so effective because it aligns the crown and the root of the teeth simultaneously, which dramatically reduces the time needed for treatment.

Fastbraces are a great orthodontic solution for patients who have crooked teeth, gaps between teeth and bite issues.  Fastbraces are also more comfortable than traditional braces and they are less expensive since less time is spent for treatment.  Patients are amazed at how convenient and easy Fastbraces are and some patients start to notice an improvement in their smile in just a few weeks.  Contact our office to learn more about Fastbraces.