Our Special Offers

$130 New Patient Welcome Package

Includes a dental cleaning, comprehensive exam and 2 X-rays, as a welcome promotion for new patients. During this visit Dr. Ani will discuss your concerns and needed treatments. We highly recommend a full mouth X-ray to better understand your needs.


Zoom Teeth Whitening $350

Our Zoom teeth whitening system takes about an hour and a half, without painful teeth sensitivity. Preformed in our North Bergen office, this procedure is fast, safe and effective.


Porcelain Veneer

A great way to provide a beautiful, attractive white smile. With veneers, we can change the size, shade and shape of a tooth in just 2 visits. Call for the special price.


Implants $1500

Restoring your missing tooth with implants will not only preserve your bone, but will also avoid having 2 healthy adjacent teeth drilled out to place a bridge. Implants are an easy solution!


Clear Correct! Free Consultation

Clear aligner treatment. Your teeth will straighten slowly and will not be noticed by others.


Gift Certificate!

Ask receptionist … Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount you choose.